Weed Control

Four Common Lawn Intruders:



Weeds! Weeds! Weeds!
The best defense is a good offense!


 There are a lot of reasons why weeds may be abundant in your lawn and itís often difficult to pinpoint the specific cause.  The best defense against weeds is a good offense!  A healthy, hearty, actively green growing lawn will choke out weeds, diseases and insects better than a sparse lawn.  Our fertilizing service and lawn aeration combined with our weed and crabgrass control treatment is the right offense that will produce the lush green weed free lawn you have always desired.

In the early Spring we apply a granule pre-emergent herbicide that will control crabgrass, other annual grasses and broadleaf weeds. The pre-emergence herbicide works by forming a barrier in the soil, preventing weed seedlings from germinating.  These safe and powerful pre-emergence granule herbicides will stop weeds dead in their tracks.  Combined with our aerating and fertilizing service, itís a winning combination thatís hard to beat.

From Mid to Late Spring we perform post emergent liquid herbicide applications that will knock down weeds that have already germinated and are actively growing. 

Late Summer to Early Fall we again perform post emergent liquid herbicide applications for weeds that were not initially controlled during the Spring.


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