Insect Control

Four Common Lawn Insects:
White GrubChinch BugBluegrass BillbugSod Webworm
White Grub Chinch Bug Blue Grass Billbug Sod Webworm


Insects !!!

Many insects attack our lawn grasses. Most of them are minor pests and their damage is usually overlooked. A few, however, can cause extensive serious damage, sometimes-killing large areas of grass. Our most common pests in home lawns in Connecticut are white grubs and chinch bugs. Grubs feed on the roots of grasses, chinch bugs feed on above ground grass parts.

Well-managed turf is able to withstand more insects without showing damage than turf that is stressed. Providing adequate soil moisture and reducing soil compaction, along with proper fertilization, mowing and soil pH can do much to combat insect pests.

Lawn King, LLC performs insect scouting when we perform each fertilizer application. If there is a problem, we will inform you as to the type of pest, the severity and if treatment is required. Of course, as a team, (you and I) if you notice a problem, you should contact us immediately.

White Grub preventative treatments are part of our Deluxe Lawn Care Program.


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