Rust Disease



Rust Disease


 Donít let rust disease ruin your lawns appearance!

Rust diseases affect all turf grass species. Severe infection thins the turf but does not attack the roots. Early symptoms appear as yellow flecks on leaf blades. As the disease advances, yellow, orange or dark red postludes split open. The colored powdery spores will rub off on your fingers. Severely infected lawns will turn an orange/brown color and show signs of thinning. There are some things that promote disease. Those are leaf wetness from long evening dew periods, Hot and dry conditions, and slow growing turf. Outbreaks are most common in late summer or early fall.

There are preventative measures you can take to lessen the severity of the disease. You should water deeply without causing moisture stress. Avoid early evening watering. Mow frequently to the recommended mowing height. Incorporate management practices that encourage leaf growth. It would be a good idea to fertilize to maintain appropriate nutrient levels and aerate to relieve compacted soils. Seed thinned turf with disease resistant cultivars.

Lawn King, LLC performs turf disease scouting when we perform each fertilizer application. If there is a problem, we will inform you as to the type of disease, the severity and if treatment is required. Of course, as a team, (you and I) if you notice a problem, you should contact us immediately.



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