Red Thread Disease


Red Thread

Red Thread Disease


 Donít let red thread disease take over your lawn!

Red Thread affects blue grasses, fescues, ryegrasses and bent grasses. The disease is mostly cosmetic and does not infect the crown or roots. Symptoms include the grass blades dieing from the leaf tip downward. Irregular circular areas of dead leaves that are tan in color. Circles vary from 4-8 inches in diameter. The disease development is most common in the spring and fall during periods of intense moisture in slow growing turf's that are deficient in nitrogen and moisture and soils that are compacted.

Water deeply and infrequently without causing moisture stress. Avoid early evening watering. Mow frequently to recommended mowing height. Incorporate management practices that encourage leaf growth. Fertilize to maintain appropriate nutrient levels. Aerate to relieve compacted soils. Seed thinned turf with disease resistant cultivars

Lawn King, LLC performs turf disease scouting when we perform each fertilizer application. If there is a problem, we will inform you as to the type of disease, the severity and if treatment is required. Of course, as a team, (you and I) if you notice a problem, you should contact us immediately.



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